Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top 5:Gym Class Hijabi Tips


We know. We've been there..Gym class. If it wasnt hard enough being in public highschool, handling the summer heat and trying to keep your hijab on right..Now you have to face Phys Ed.
Of course, its easier when you are a fan of sports and constant activity, but it can get hard when you dont.

Although PE is a good course for your physical health and well being, there are some downsides to it. Here are some tips and instructions on how to help you live happily through it all :)

1) Change Rooms and Privacy
If you are a shy one, then PE change rooms arent ideal for you. Tip: change in the larger washroom stall. It has a lot of space, and a door and lock for privacy. If that is crowded or unavailable, go into the normal stalls and have your friend stand in front of you. If you are still uncomfortable, check your PE schedule, and get ready before hand. If its after lunch, change during lunch when the room is empty, if its in the morning wear your PE clothes from home and if it is at the end of the day, wear your sweats all day for a casual look during class and be ready for PE without the hassle.

2) Bad Hijab Day
Have you played football with a silk scarf? Do you sweat a lot and have your scarf stick all over your face and head? Does your hair start coming out and insisting on not going back in? Has any of your scarfs slid all over your head and even fallen off during class? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read the following tips: Wear a wrap around scarf with a head band under. The head band keeps all your hair in place and prevents your scarf from moving all around. Stick with a cotton fabric so its durable and soaks up any perspiration. Secure it tightly with new pins so that its less likely to break or fall apart. Make sure to bring an extra change of scarf incase it gets dirty or if you dont plan on wearing that scarf before or after PE.

3) Summer Outfit Problems
During winter, PE outfits are easy to put together. A hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. But as summer begins to arrive, the weather around you signals heat and hoodies don't go well together. Heres some tips to overcome these problems: Loose and Baggy T-shirts or Long sleeve T-shirts. These are good because they allow some air to travel in and out allowing your body to breathe. Make sure you wear sleeves under short t-shirts though. Cargo sweatpants are also a great alternative to thick cotton sweatpants. They are light and airy and stand far from your body. If you want a good pair, Nike is sure to have some. As for your hijab, a 2 peiece wraparound might not be ideal so try a one peice slip on like this picture. This is actually 2 pieces, but the one im talking about is basically the same thing but in 1 piece. They are also cotton so they soak up perspiration well and dont move around, but they are light so you wont go crazy with the heat.

4) Intermixing and Square Dancing

If you thought running 5K was the worst thing that could happen in PE..Its not. Most schools have seperated girls and boys classes; and offer them even if its not regular. But some dont, that means on several occasions you'll have to have a guy partner and play the weirdest sports you've ever heard of with them (hand in hand). Or you will have a dancing course in between the semester with the guys PE class (again, hand in hand and even worse). Realistically thinking these courses dont make any sense, they dont coordinate with physical education at all, but somehow it is still in there. Tip: talk to your PE teacher about it, bring a note from home or even talk to the principal. If it doesnt go hand in hand with your religion, it shouldnt go hand in hand with you. If they insist on you taking part, dont, stand up for yourself and your religion, it is your right and with it you can never be wrong, especially legally. If you feel nervous, dont, many Muslim kids do this in every school, every semester and every year; you are not alone. You could offer to have your PE credits completed in a womens only Gym. Or you might get a project to do instead of that one lesson, on the plus side, your getting ommited an entire lesson while you chill in the library :)

5) Clean up

Phew! Class is finally over, but now im all sticky and sweaty and smelly. What do I do? Make sure you avoid these situations by having the following items in your gym bag: A Hijab for use before or after class with extra pins. Extra set of clothes for before or after class (dont wear your PE clothes to your other classes after you have PE, you can wear them before only). Keep a body spray, a deoderant and extra socks. These handy items prevent unwanted smells and keeps you dry and smelling good. Make sure you have moist towelettes in a ziploc. Use them after PE to wipe your face, neck and underarms. It instantly freshens you up, cleans perspiration and keeps you odour free. Theres nothing worse than a stinky gym class student; so keep your self odour free and super clean :)

This article may have made PE seem like a bad thing; it's not. PE is a good course to take because it keeps you fit and healthy, allows you to get fresh air and excercise in between your hectic schedule. We highly recommend you take it; we just pointed out a few of it's downsides and gave you tips on how to keep clear of them. So dont be afraid of it; now that you have the skills on how to go through PE happily; welcome it!


  1. Hi, I was wondering which hijab would better suit an oval face. A square scarf or a pashmina style?
    Thanks, Sanaa.

  2. Salam,
    thanks for the comment. Check out our recent post Square Hijab Vs. Rectangle Hijab. I hope this solves your problem :)

  3. Assalamualaikum..

    hi there! love this article. reminded me of my own PE class back in primary school, where mum had to write a note to insist that i need to wear long pants n all. Muslimahs need to be creative and firm in upholding our principles, in any situation.

    there is a lot of variety in your posts, which is great, masyaAllah. will link this blog to mine, so that i can drop by every now and then. hope you don't mind.

    may Allah bless

  4. Salam,

    thanks :)
    We would love to hear from u anytime

  5. Salam
    I am trying to understand. I am a Canadian teacher. I have a girl whose parents say she is not allowed to run because that may cause her to tear and she could not marry. As I can see by your postings, this is maybe not a shared precaution or belief by all Muslims. The school is saying all children need to participate and they make no exemptions. My heart is torn, as I recognize the fear, she is feeling. On one hand, I do not want her to do something that will cause her to be saddened. I would never want her to do something that goes against her parents will. On the other hand, the principal of the school says, she can not refuse to participate or else she can not pass. Please let me know what I should or should not advise and where I can get the information that will help both the school division and parents come to some conscensus. How have others dealt with this situation before?
    Thank-you. I appreciate any help you can give me.

  6. Salam
    Thanks for your question, and I hope we can be of some help for you.

    This sounds more like a cultural issue, because as far as we're concerned running is not at all prohibited for women in Islam, we've never heard of this ourselves, and I highly doubt on a medical level it could harm her in the way her parents think it will. It's possible if she runs too much that her period can become delayed, but that's not her problem. Since the school is not being too helpful what you could do is have her parent speak to a well known imam in that area, one who is more accustomed to the society,perhaps he can help them understand that nothing like that would happen, a doctor would would be even better. Aisha (ra) the youngest wife of the Prophet (pbuh) used to play with him all the time (including running). You could also try having a meeting with the principal and the students parents and have them come to an agreement of somekind.

    Whatever you choose to do, we hope it works out for the best Inshallah.


  7. Do you have any tips for me? I jae decided to wear a skirt all the time because it hodes the shape of the body better and makes a better hijab (in my opinion. No hate intended) i am still forced to run and all and I want to leep my strait a average but it is jard to do everything woth a skirt on with sweat pants under and I constintly get laughed at when i fall. Any help? (i am in middle school btw. Only hijabi in my school Q_Q)

    1. Salam Sister! Firstly, may Allah (swt) give you His blessings for what you are doing. It takes a lot of Iman and courage to be the only hijabi in a place like highschool/middle school and for you to wear a skirt because in your heart you know it is the right/most Islamic thing to do, is amazing <3

      To help make yourself a bit more comfortable, you can try wearing a skirt that ends a little higher than your ankles and a little lower than under your knees. With this skirt, you can wear long tights (not see through or super tight ones) so that you can help prevent yourself from tripping, have your legs covered and at the same time you won't be as stuffy as you would with a skirt and sweatpants.

      Also, try talking to your teachers and councillors if you really feel uncomfortable taking part in physical education. You can try making up for the credit at a women's only gym or something.

      As far as being laughed at is concerned, you should always keep in mind that you are one of the most beloved people in those situations in the eyes of Allah (swt). And if people can't accept you for who you are, they can never truly be your friends. Also, patience bears great fruit, we will make dua that you get great grades Inshallah so even other people can see that you can practice your faith and be good at other things simultaneously.

      If you ever need anyone to talk to as a friend or for guidance, feel free to email us at, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I hope this helped solve your problems, Good Luck! xoxoxoxo

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