Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top 5: Hijabi Must haves

There are endless lists of wants for girls, hmm...make that needs too :)

But the following Top 5 is a list of Must Haves...Hijabi Must Haves

1) Colorful Scarves:

Have one in ever color, shape and size. You never know which outfit, occasion or season will go best with it.

2) Safety Pins:

Safety Pins are like life savers. They help pin your hijab together so that you dont end up with a convertable hijab or a mickey mouse one. Basically it is the main element in a tidy hijab. The only problem is that they can break, and thats why you should always carry a little change purse filled with safety pins. You can get regular ones from the dollerstore, but they are prone to eating your hijab alive..So I recommend the plastice ones shown below:

3) Pins:

These pins help keep our hijab in place and looking good :) They help tuck in corners and pin down loose peices. You can get them in the dollerstore in an arrangement of colors to match your outfit or scarf.. Or you can go more fancy and get the jeweled kind

The first pic is that of a Pink Glacier Pin
The second one is a pic of pins you can get at the doller store - these ones wont harm your hijab.

4) Long Sleeve t-shirts:

These T-shirts truly are must haves - Do you own a sleevless top that you cant wear because a shrug or cardigan doesnt go good on it? Well all you need is a long sleeve shirt. Just like sweaters come in handy during the winter/spring time; these shirts are handy during the summer. They come in an array of different colors and sizes. You can wear them under your maxi dress, tank top, bubble top, or t-shirt. They are the perfect sleeve alternatives. Not only that, but they can cover your chest area if you have a low cut top. Do not wear these tops by themselves because they are really tight and have body hugging fits. Other than that, they are life savers for all hijabi wardrobes. Tip: If the long sleeve t-shirt turns out to be a v-neck, wear it backwards! You can usually get these tops in girl stores like "stitches, Sirens, Urban Behavior, Urban Planet etc" These are canadian stores, but they might be in America as well. If you know where else you can get these tops, leave a comment :)

5) Cardigans:

What makes a cardigan great? Is it that you can find one in any color? Is it that they look ultra hip and stylish on your outfits? Is is that they go great with almost anything? yes! But what's even more fabulous about cardigans is that they are meant to be long and loose. Which in translation means awesome but modest outfits... yaaay hijabis! If you dont have a cardigan get up and go get some! Hijabi or not, these tops are super handy when you dont want to wear a coat, when you need sleeves, when your top is short or tight, or even to add color to your bland outfit. Where can you get them? Anywhere clothes are sold. There are even cardi's for guys.

Bonus #) Dresses:

Honestly it is very rare for a hijabi to buy a shirt - why you may ask? Because shirts for western people mean short.. Then what do they wear? Simple. The answer is dresses.

Sure occasionally there is a nice long top out there, but usually these long tops are worn with tights or nothing at all so they basically end up in the short dresses section.

If you are a hijabi, the best thing to do when you go shopping is look in the dresses isle. It does not need to be a formal dress, look for something casual, something you can wear with jeans -- something you can wear regularly..

Its funny and sorta sad when you see a hijabi (confused and upset) looking through a whole isle of teenie tiny tops. You can find long tops/dresses in girl stores and easily transform them into hijabi apparel like the pic below. You can get more examples through our Modern Hijabi posts

Wear this outfit with a long sleeve T or Cardigan :)

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