Friday, May 14, 2010

Square Hijab Vs. Wraparound Hijab


As hijabi's, there are countless options as to color, fabric and even design for our scarf choices. But in General; there are only two hijab shapes, the square and the rectangle. Sometimes you can find a triangle scarf that does not need to be folded in half, or a pull on..but very few people use them and even fewer are found.

If you are unsure of which hijab type may suit your face shape best or which one is better in general for use, continue reading our pro's and con's article about square vs. rectangle hijabs.

The Square Hijab:
This hijab shape is suitable for everyone; but when it comes down to either square or rectangle, the square scarf better suits round shaped heads. This is because, when worn, the square scarf has a pointy tip at the top, elongating the face. If your face is already long in shape, this will only help exxagerate the length. And if you have a rounder,shorter, face this will help give some length. But this does not mean that people with long faces should stray from this style, because it is very simple to wear and can easily be adjusted at the top to help suit your face shape. Tucking in the corners, of the scarf, at your jaw line, will help shorten the tip at the top of your scarf and in return create a better shape for longer faces. Tying the scarf without any folds near the jaw will elongate the tip at the top, making your face seem longer, creating a better style for shorter faces. The square hijabs are very easy to wear and take virutally no time at all to put on. They are very neat, light weight and have many ways to wear them, such as the "tie back style" or the "wrap one side up style", "knot the two ends style" and even the "side bow style". The one problem with square scarfs is that if you have bangs and dont clip them back securely, they can start coming out after a while from the top and the sides, and become very irratating.

The Rectangle Hijab:
Most of the rectangle hijabs are known as pashminas and are worn in the Shayla style (wrap around). Again, anyone can wear this style, but it is preffered for people with longer faces. This is because the wrap around hugs your face nice and snug, and the cap worn underneath (to hide mini hairs), covers some of your forehead, creating an illusion that your face is a bit shorter than it actually is. If a round faced person were to wear this style, then their face would just be more shortened. But because this is a very popular style, especially for more formal outfits, to help elongate your face, you can wear the scarf without an undercap, folding the front of the scarf to curve the part that goes across your forehead and fold small creases near your jaw line to help create a pointed tip at the top of the scarf. This way, you can wear the wrap around style and still help keep it to a style that benefits your face shape. The wrap around scarf takes a bit more time to wear in general, so if you are opting for something super fast and easy, not so formal and bulky, the wrap around isn't as ideal. But, after wearing it a few times, you can get pro at it and do it faster. But I still doubt that anyone can get it on faster and neater than they can a square style.

There is no better hijab shape between rectangle and square...when it comes down to it, it all depends on your face shape. But even then, you can adjust your scarf to have it fit and suit your face shape the best it can. So anyone can wear any style, all you need to do is make sure of some things. Here is the list of those things in case you're confused:

Short/Round Face:

  • Have a bit of a tip at the top to help keep your face from looking really small
  • To do so, tuck in the corners of your scarf at the jaw line
  • Fold the front of your scarf so it is curved and easier to create a tip
  • Dont wear bulky scarfs (keeps your face from looking fat/heavy)
  • Lighter scarves are recomended

Longer/Thinner Face:

  • Fold a bit of the scarf inward towards your jawline to help decrease the pointed tip, this will help keep your face from looking too long
  • wear a hijab cap or bandana under your scarf to cover a little bit of your forehead (to give an illusion your face is a bit shorter than it really is)
  • Light scarves are okay to wear, but you can wear a bulky scarf to give some weight to your face and balance out your frame.


  1. I couldn't get a square hijab on to save my life... lol

    I'm just not good at it! It takes me soooo long. Maybe 20-30 minutes to get it right and I have to use a million pins.

    I pretty much use a shayla 100% of the time. Take seconds to wrap on and also give me the chest coverage I need with only one or even no pins.

    How do you wrap your square scarf to get it to stay on there?

  2. hmm. I had to read this comment twice. I thot you couldnt get the shaylas on lol

    Heres a link to a really good tutorial for square hijabs, I hope it helps Inshallah :) You can make a bow for a more formal look like she does, or you can make it simple and tie it back.

    also, if you dont like that style, just youtube square hijab and you'll find a lot of tutorial results :)

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  4. anyone who reads this plz tell me how you get them to stay with no pins im 14 and new at this. plz help me?

  5. If you would like the wrap around hijabs to stay without pins you could pin your hijab simply under your neck and leave both sides of the scarf hanging...or you could wrap the long side of your scarf once around your neck. I hope this helps, try youtubing some hijab videos :) There are many helpful tips you can find on them. May Allah guide you and reward you for your efforts Inshallah <3

  6. Hmmm, what if you have a "longer" face but a "full" face at the same time?

    1. Try different styles, there is no particular hijab for a particular face shape. Try different styles, colours, and decide for yourself or have someone help you decide :)