Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Chic

Salam :)
So summer has officially started Inshallah - schools out, but the heat is in, and as hijabi's we are on the constant look out for light but not see through summer clothing. Winter and Fall may be full of dark and damp days, but it makes life a lot easier for us when it comes to dressing up - however, have no fear, this year stores are filled with light maxi dresses and skirts. If you have a full length and full sleeve dress you have scored big time, but if you havent, all you have to do is wear a simple legging, or under dress for the dress and a long sleeve shirt or light cardigan for the top and you are set.
This outfit is a bit more formal, because we know that with summer comes the wedding season - so opt for a more fresh and clean look with a light color and a white dress - don't like pink? Yellow - green - blue and purple are great alternatives!
Summer Chic

Summer Chic by MYGA 287 featuring round toe pumps

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