Saturday, January 28, 2012

Muslim Girl

Muslim Girl – Mohamed Ali

Walking in this world at a steady pace
Muslim girl in this world got to find your place
Modestly you dress; I only see your face
Tell them
This is me, who I am, I will never change
Educated, always the top of your grade
Getting the easy A’s
The Quran, the Duas, the Hadeeths engraved in your brain

Muslim girl in this world, got to be the best
With the burden on your chest, cause its Islam that you rep
You’re the queens of this ummah, Keep the crowns on your heads
That Hijab, yes that Hijab, on you they do look best
Keep them on your heads, not just tied around your necks

Muslim girl in this world, yes she be oppressed
Her voice for too long, it has been suppressed
Time you let her speak, for herself and for the rest
Muslim girl, please know that your brothers with you, with every step
Let them shout, let them tease, crack jokes as they please
Come in through the left and out the right ear
Let them say, that you can’t, that you won’t,
But I know.....Muslim girl
 will rise up in this world and she will show the world
Muslim girl in this world she is never alone,
Muslim girl, yes she does know,
That the ummah is behind her, where ever she does go

Muslim Girl in this world
You go to find your place
Walk a steady pace
Ummahs queens till the end of days....

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