Saturday, April 3, 2010

Q&A: Islam and Muslims


Welcome Q&A as the newest addition on our blog! Every week for "Question and Answer" we will pick 3 hot questions about Islam and Muslims and answer them. Feel free to send or ask any question, we'll try our best to answer it for you :)

1) Why is Arabic the Language of the Quran?

First off, we'd like to mention that in Islam no one person or kind is better than another. Sometimes people feel that because Arabic is the chosen language of the Quran that perhaps being Arab is a privilidge, but in Allahs eyes, everyone is the same. So this leaves people wondering, why is Arabic the chosen language? well, here are some reasons:

Arabic is a rich and highly developed language, it has perfect grammer and is complete and whole - in fact, it is the only language in the world with perfect grammer. Another fact worthy of pointing out is that the Middle East is located in the crossroads of the world, making it easier to spread in every direction. And because of the Middle East's vast trade business, Arabic, the Quran and Islam has spread all over the world Alhamdullilah.

2) What is Islam's biggest Miracle?

Islams biggest miracle is the Quran.

No other book in the world has been read or memorized more than the Quran...Including the Bible which was sent down way before it. You may be wondering, how is that a miracle? Well..its not, but the following facts are.

The Quran contains scientific statements which no one could have known in the time of the Prophet such as: Salt water and fresh water do not mix easily. There is a "barrier" between them - (27:61;55:19-22) another one would be The moon is reffered to as "Munir" or a light reflector, while the sun is referred to as a "Siraj" or light producer -(25:61;71:15-16; 78:12-13). These are just two of the many scientific facts noted in the Quran, others include information on how pregnancy occurs, the fact that life is made up of water, how clouds work, about the plant bodies and even outer space.

The Quran is a book of healing, power, guidance and direction. No human could have possibly written it, especially 1400 years back. And to prove this fact even more so, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was illiterate. He did not know how to read or how could he have written such a powerful book?

3) Why do Muslim women cover themselves and wear the scarf?

This question is asked so often, but sometimes people are still confused and dont understand even after an explanation.

The "Hijab" or full body covering of a muslim women is fard meaning compulsory because it guards her modesty, protects her dignity and keeps her from becoming an object in the eyes of strange men.

Men dont wear the Hijab because they are known from the begining of time for not always being able to control their animalistic desires while women can..women have been created as more beautiful then men and their beauty is not meant for every eye to see.

When a women wears the hijab her level of class is much higher than a women who wears skimpy clothing.. people take her more seriously, people assume she is smart, professional, has the same capabilites as the man standing next to her, and is not looked at as an object. When a women who is covered is given a compliment for her work she knows it not for any other reason whereas a women who is not covered has to think twice as to what her compliment really was for.

If you still dont understand as to why Muslim women cover themselves think of this:

Two women (friends) are walking down an alley. One of the friends is fully clothed and covered while the other is wearing tight jeans and a tank top. At the end of an alley, there is a pervert. Who do you think the pervert is going to harrass? The women covered? Or the women who has tight jeans and almost nothing for a top?

Heres another scenario to consider:

You walk into a jewelry store. You see a really nice pair of earrings. There are two sets of the same earrings, one is a tester that everyone gets to try on to see if it fits or not, and the other is brand new, cased and behind the shelf. Although they are both the same set, the one behind the shelf is more expensive...which one would you prefer?

The hijab is not oppression done to a women by man..on the contrary, it liberates a woman. It makes her free to be not looked at as an object, free to voice her own opinion, and free from the societies idea of what a women should look like. Its not about hiding your self from the world.. In fact, its about being able to express more without being treated as an object or an un-equal being.


  1. Heeyy guys!! I just read the part about the Why Muslim Girls wear a Hejab. And i thought the part where you did the comparison of a modest woman and a non-modest woman, was really funny.

    The earring part. AHAHAHA!! "To see which one fits?" ahaha it actaully makes completle sense!! =P

  2. no its not funny.. its just obvious.. being a gal i hav experienced this..wen u wear inappropriate clothes its obvs ppl will stare at then u feel uncomfortable wen guys look at u.. muslim women shud b very proud dat thier beauty is only for thier husbnds...