Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Modern Hijabi: Spring and Summer 2010


This spring and summer there are a lot of trends to look out for. Animal prints, vintage pieces, jeans, leather, bold colors, neutral colors, geometric shapes, floral patterns, boyfriend fit clothes, and my favorite blazers. Although the styles out there right now contradict each other, (i.e bold prints vs. neutrals), theres something out there for everyone! Not to mention a lot of the stuff is loose and baggy.

So sisters, go and take advantage A lot of the stuff you purchase now will always be in because there are so many styles to choose from.

Heres a few pics with this spring and summers in style outfits for hijabis :)

This is a casual outfit - Trends you can spot would be the leopard prints and the leather

This is a bit more fancy than the last outfit - choose your own color of hijab, pick a color that would bring out the flowers on the skirt..like a deep purple. Trends you can spot here are vintage floral patters, leather and the blazer

This outfit is very chic. It can be casual or fancy, depends on the way you dress it up. Trends you can spot here is the blazer, layered top, ankle boots, vintage clutch bag and even the armor ring :)

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