Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pre-Ramadan Checklist

1) Prepare Eid Clothes (so you don't waste time in Ramadan shopping for them)

2) Prayer Clothes (Buy/ make new ones or wash, iron and perfume existing ones)

3) Prayer Place (Dedicate a space in your home for your daily worship - clean, tahhir and 'attar it, and stock it up with all you need for your ibadah)

4) Menu! (Plan meals, whose turn it is to cook, and who you will be doing iftar for on different days)

5) Ibadah schedule/ targets (plan your khitmas, your qada, your daily schedule - plan how to fit it in, so that you will fit it in)

6) Du’a List (make a list of who you need to make du’a for during the month so during those busy days you don’t forget any one)

7) Donation preparation - prepare the stuff you will donate

8) Ta’zil ie/ Super-Spring Cleaning (clean, tahhir and gut out your rooms/house before the month to make it welcoming and comfortable for the angels )

9. Plan your invitations (family, friends, inlaws) and send out the invites. Do it in the first two thirds - preferably when you don't have prayer and make it clear that you will not be accepting any invitations the last third.

10. If you are working on a khitmeh finish quickly so you can start afresh in Ramadan.

11. Tie up loose ends socially. Make up with those you are not speaking to. Get on the good side of parents, in laws and husband.

12. Start cutting down on coffee if you are a heavy drinker.

13. Prepare children, discuss Ramadan routine with family, discuss excitement and looking forward to Ramadan with those younger people you see.

Sr.Shehnaz Karim

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