Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan Kareem :)

Wishing you one month of Ramadan,
4 weeks of barakat,
30 days of forgiveness,
720 hours of guidance,
43200 minutes of purification,
... and 259200 seconds of noor!"

Ramadan Kareem to everyone! May Allah forgive us and our familes and keep us on the straight path always. Alhamdullilah Allah has blessed each of us with another year of Ramadan, so let's use it to our full advantage Inshallah :)

Inshallah we will try and update the blog as much as we can during this time.

Please forgive us for any of our mistakes and short comings, only Allah (swt) is perfect.
We hope that you may attain even once piece of knowledge from our blog Inshallah.

Aasia and Aalia

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