Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hijab Article

The Hijab is one of Islams most controversial and debated topics. Although there is not much to debate about, many Muslims and people from other religions are under the misconception that Hijab is a form of oppresion and Muslim girls are suppressed. Of course, in Islam nothing is ever forced upon a person, but in the Qurann, and Hadiths it is clearly stated that Hijab for a Muslim woman is manditory after the age of puberty.

O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters and believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known
as such and not molested. And God is Oft Forgiving and Most Merciful: (Surah 33, Verse 59)

The first reason why a Muslim women covers herself and wears the hijab is because it is a command from Allah (swt). Religious Muslims -like other religious persons from any religion- dont feel comfortable deliberatly disobeying God. Islam has a complete and justified reason for everything said or done, therefore, the second reason for wearing the hjiab, like Allah says in the Quran is for modesty and protection against adultry.

The Hijab is not just a peice of clothing worn on the head. The hijaab is modest covering for a Muslim Woman's entire body. This doesnt mean a black abbaya and a niqaab (face covering). This means a woman should wear long, loose and opaque clothing. She may dress modern and modest together. Doing so will give her dignity and respect among men; she will not be looked at as an object, in fact she will be looked upon as a diginified equal individual. Women who work tirelessly to appear attractive to the opposite sex are looked are treated as objects because they dont have high morals and self esteem to appear out in the public without a mask of makeup and revealing clothing that detracts from their inside and attracts people to their outside. Since hijaabi's are not judged on their physical appearances, people take time to find out what they are like on the inside i.e their intellectual and social abilities.

The hijab was and is not for oppressing women. It is for the protectiong and honor of a Muslim womens dignity. Of course, Islam is not the only religion with coverings ones body being highly respected. Covering ones self was mentioned in the Bible and Torah, well, it was in the once apon a long time ago unadulturated versions. Of course, Islam is a very stable and pure religion Alhamdullilah and hasnt changed from 1400 years back when it was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), unlike other religions which have been changed several times by different leaders and people over hundreds and hundreds of years. Although Islam has never been changed, people have most often been misguided of its true meaning and beauty due to the media and some extremists.

Many muslim women around the world do not wear the hijab; this does not mean that they are bad muslims, vice versa for women who do wear the hijab. There are some women who wear the hijab but give a bad impression of Islam. To wear the Hijaab is a form of Jihad (which means struggle in the way of God - not war). A person who wears the hijab should have correct intentions and not do it for any other reason except Allah. She should wear it because she fears Allah, the day of judgment and has respect for herself and her religion. The hijab is a symbol of Islam, so when you wear it, you must act accordingly. But this doesnt mean that hijab is a tradition; it is part of Shariah. Hijab is fard and cumpulsory on all girls/women after the age of puberty, after knowing these facts, it is solely up to you to decide what you want to do.

Hijabis are beautiful, independant and smart individuals, and Inshallah Allah will reward them for thier patience and sacrifices in this life.


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