Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10: Misconceptions about women in Islam

This week’s theme is Women in Islam, so we thought it would be a great idea to write this week’s Top 10 on misconceptions about women in Islam. In the article we have supported our statements with a lot of hadiths and ayahs, but we didn’t get too clear on what the stereo types and misconceptions are. So before you read the article, we’ll get the facts clear for you :)

The following statements are "Stereotypes and Misconceptions about Muslim Women"

**note that stereotypes differ among Muslims, non Muslims and cultures**

1) They are illiterate

2) They are oppressed

3) They are immigrants or foreigners

4) They don’t have rights

5) They don’t have fun

6) They are not Modern/Stylish

7) They are under the control of a male family member

8) That they are ignorant, uncivilized villagers

9) They are not allowed to work

10) They are not social and are secluded


1) Islam stresses that Muslim women and men alike get an education

2) Muslim women are to be treated kindly and respectfully

3) Many Muslim women are born in European countries and many are converts from these countries (4 out of every 5 converts is a woman)

4) Muslim women have equal rights, they differ on circumstances.

5) Muslim women have fun; as long as the definition does not stand for: drinking, smoking, getting high in parties late at night or running around trying to attract as much bad attention to oneself as possible.

6) Modern Muslim women are very stylish; in fact if you look around on the internet you will find beautiful and modest Islamic clothing. Many Muslim hijabis are becoming fashion designers with their own labels.

7) Muslim women are independent people and no one can own them or force them to do anything.

8) Many Muslim women are educated and are pursuing careers in numerous fields.

9) Muslim women are given the freedom to work and keep their own income to themselves.

10) Muslim women are normal humans, therefore some of them are more outgoing and some of them are shyer, but that does not mean all of them are secluded.

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